“...emotionally astute...gripping...stellar...inventive...stalwart direction...”

Up Next...

Persuasion, Assistant Director, Bedlam, NYC (Cancelled due to COVID)

TBARubber City Theatre

Twelfth Night, Ashland University

A Doll's House

Mamaí Theatre Company

Playhouse Square, 2017

Photos: Bob Perkoski


"...a standout production...not to be missed...brought to rousing life by the Mamai Theatre Company... under the emotionally astute direction of Christine McBurney.

~Andrea Simakis, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A smart and stirring turn under Christine McBurney’s fast-paced and quietly gripping direction. An iconic piece of theater not to be missed."

~ Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

Moon in the Mirror

Cleveland Contemporary Players


"...a riveting performance..."

~Daniel Hathaway,

Telemann's Funeral Cantata

Apollo's Fire, 2019

Romeo and Juliet

Rubber City Theatre, 2019

Photos: Hazen Tobar

"refreshingly honest, earthy..."

~Kerry Clawson, Akron Beacon Journal

The Woman Hater by Frances Burney (US Premiere)

Mamaí Theatre Company

Cleveland, OH   2016

Photos: Bob Perkoski

“Under Christine McBurney’s stalwart direction, all this makes absolute sense and unfolds with remarkable dexterity, speed and humor. In fact, “The Woman Hater” is thoroughly entertaining.”

~ Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

Mamaí Theatre Company

Cleveland, OH   2014

Photos: Bob Perkoski

Stellar staging... beautifully directed by Christine McBurney with particular attention given to the thread of frivolity that weaves its way through the script.

~ Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

Boston Marriage by David Mamet

Mamaí Theatre Company

Cleveland, OH   2013

Photos: Bob Perkoski

“That this union [of Mamet and Wilde] is such a lustful, satisfying one — especially under the kinetic, knowing direction of Mamaí Theatre Company’s Christine McBurney.”

~Andrea Simakis, Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Critique of the School for Wives

Baldwin Wallace University, 2019

Photo: Tom Shirilla

Recent Directing

This is not Ramona's Fault by Mara Layne, Playwrights Local

Entanglement, by Les Hunter, Playwrights Local/Radio on the Lake

Tribunal, by Mark Milo Kessler, Playwrights Local

BrainWorks, (AD) Nine Network Public Media (St. Louis); Seth Gordon, Director

The Nether, (AD) Dobama TheatreShannon Sindelar, Director

Shaker Heights Theatre Arts Department Directing -- see Educator Page

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